Design is about interpreting and extending the world of the senses. It is about experimenting with materials and embracing the different needs and user experience. 
A multi-sensory design approach explores the many ways that we can strate­gically utilise materials, in order to awaken the senses. This thesis project aims to raise awareness of multi-sensory design and how to apply it. 
"Design is more than just visual beauty"
Touch is a show-book series that consists of 3 books. Book 1 presents the research that has been done in multi-sensory design and in tactile design. Book 2 explores the many ways in which materials stimulate our sensors and book 3 examines tactile design as part of social change.
Tactile design is about touch, and touch has a more important purpose. Touching unites our sensors and helps deliver a full experience. What might seem as an insignificant tactile detail, can guide us through an unfamiliar space or even awaken our curiosity.
"The box and books are hardcovers and hand bound"
MSDL offers high-quality and sustainable products, where each part of the product chain has been carefully chosen. The materials are provided from local suppliers such as Artic Paper Munkedals. The products are made at a specialised local printing office that actively works with lowering their carbon footprint. 
The products are sold at MSDL's online store and at selected book stores and museum shops. Those who chooses the option of collecting the online purchase at the MDSL office will also be able to visit the different multi-sensory showrooms.

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